HoneyBae is a small business, established on the belief of providing natural, environmentally friendly and handcrafted items that you can incorporate into your daily, weekly or self-care routines. Incorporating and taking inspiration from Pop Culture, Television, Film, Anime and Games. 

From Niche to Popular, this brand is for those who prioritize their in-game health over IRL.


Owner - Nartee Nelson is a young entrepreneur striving to make an inclusive brand, with a long-term goal of being 100% sustainable and waste free. Connection to spirituality, earth and light are important to her. She enjoys games with grind and her current favourites include: Stardew Valley and Minecraft. A self-proclaimed Otaku. 

Growing up as an Indigenous Australian, Nartee - a Wiradjuri and Darug woman, has grown up in a strong spiritual and open family. Learning and teaching culture to her mob, she wants to represent her people through expressing a beautiful perspective to the earth and the way we treat it, ourselves and others. As a mother, having products that are chemical free, vegan and suitable for most - inspires for what her daughter could grow up with.

HoneyBae is a safe and judgement free brand hoping to grow into a loving and supportive community. 

Nartee has always been interested in feminism, empowerment and self-love. Having struggled with mental health and self-confidence, she has turned her attention to supplying a product that can help you to develop self-care routines, feel confident and bring our your inner HoneyBae.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let's conquer the world one Geek at a time!