GEEK; by Definition

For years the term 'Geek' has been used in a negative and hurtful way towards anybody passionate towards something out of the mainstream, describing an eccentric person who isn't afraid to be themselves.

Stereotyped and outcast, it's time to claim the term and I have the perfect way.

I want to build an inclusive and safe family. Where you aren't judged based on your interests, and passions or goals. For the geeks who would rather stay in, than go out - I'll be the first to say that creating not only a safe and creative space - but also looking after ourselves isn't always at the top of the priority list.

HoneyBae combines the geek with the chic - blending handmade homewares and skincare that is easy to implement, is chemical-free and inspired by some of pop-cultures most popular and most niche games, film, tv series and anime.

So, what are you waiting for Traveller? Join the clan and let's start the Quest of self-care.


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