A Wizard Welcome (and a basic love spell)

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Why, Hello There!

It's so good to see you! Welcome, to HoneyBae Design's very first blog. Trust me, it's going to be a sweet and simple one.

First of all, thank you so much for reading this and visiting my website. I'm super grateful for all the support and always excited to interact and get to know new clients and spread some love! <3

I wanted to create a space that's not only welcoming and comforting, but safe and friendly. Here at HoneyBae we are all-inclusive and are open-minded. I am wanting to build a community of honest communication and sharing!

Let's get into the first spell - a basic self-love spell. For this all you need are the following:

* Rose Water

* Rose Quartz or Clear Quartz


Spells are all about intent. This is super simple, and safe for anybody to do. If you are using HoneyBae branded rose water then you may know that our blend is already infused with love intent rose quartz, but you can do this yourself.

If you only have larger crystals that you don't want to disperse into the liquid, slowly trickling the water over your crystal of choice while speaking aloud of your intent will work.

I like using "I am loved. I love myself. I spread love. Love surrounds me. Love embodies me." and repeat as many times are I feel necessary.

Use that charged water on your face and body, let it wash away any negativity, cleansing any doubt and the physical benefits aren't bad either ;) Rose water assists with redness of the skin, inflammation, puffiness and dark spots/circles. It is gentle enough to use multiple times daily.


After this process your crystal of choice will also be amplified with the same energy and intent as you bestowed onto the water. Use in meditation, when bathing, reading or creating. You may also gift this to someone in need.

That's it! I hope you decide to hang around, and let's learn to love, grow and craft together!

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