• Burning this candle will transport you to the ocean, with the soft breeze, sea salt mist on your skin and Waifus in the water. Amazonite crystals are infused into the wax that can be charged and used once burnt. 


    • HoneyBae does not recommend ingesting or directly inhaling. If symptoms or reactions do occur, rinse off with cool water and contact your health professional. All our products are made from natural and simple ingredients, yet a small skin test is recommended to prevent any break out or reaction to the item. Do not inhale smoke directly, protect the eyes and keep windows/doors open for air circulation. Burn in a safe environment, with the first burn being atleast 1 hour for maximum product use.

    • Amazonite Crystals | Soy Wax | Sea Salt Fragrance | Spa Fragrance | Ocean Breeze Fragrance