HoneyBae strives to put our customers first, and create a welcoming and comfortable environment in-store and online. If for any reason you're not satisfied or have queries about any product or service please reach out via. social media, email or our 'contact us' section. 

If you are an Indigenous Artist wanting to display your pieces on the gallery wall for sale - please email at: to discuss space, pricing and schedule a visit to the storefront.


When purchasing, subscribing or joining our mailing list all information provided is confidential and used for the purpose of providing goods, information or mailing materials. Your personal information is securely kept, and will not be shared to external services or companies. Credit card information will never be saved, or accessed 

If you are concerned regarding anything in particular - please contact us for transparency and reassurance.


Wholesale is available for the entire range - excluding our monthly subscription boxes and astrological collections. Wholesale is only available for Australian business' and email correspondence is essential.

HoneyBae offers 40% below retail pricing for wholesale orders with minimum of 20 units of product. 

Please use the 'contact us' page or email at: for further information.


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